Version 2 for Rhino 6 is out now.

Read about the improvements of version 2 here.

Orca3D Level 2 contains Orca3D Level 1 plus extra features:

Orca3D Level 1:

Hull modeling and fairing


Intact stability

Lines plan


Orca3D Level 2:

Level 1 +

Speed and power prediction

Weight calculation

Cost calculation

CFD export to Simerics

For any naval architect, Orca3D is the perfect add-on to optimize your design proces. The advantage of using Rhinoceros is the ability to have everything in one 3D environment: hull, appendages, superstructure, interior, structure, technical installations, deck equipment etc. At RhinoCentre, we have a lot of experience in optimizing design systems and like to support you with being more effective in your workflow.

Especially with Orca3D you can do quickly your first analysis. This makes hydrostatics and stability more integrated into the design proces, which results in more optimized designs.

Modeling and fairing of a hull is possible from an existing 3D hull shape which is edited, or by modeling and fairing a hull shape from scratch. There are two options for this:

  1. Directly in Rhino with RhinoCentre’s Rapid Hull Modeling Methodology. You can learn this with the self-study training ‘Hull Design and Fairing‘.
  2. Create one by using the Orca3D method ‘Hull Modeling and Fairing’.

Analysis with Orca3D:

  • Real time linesplan and sectional area curve.
  • Hydrostatics.
  • Intact stability.
  • Speed and power prediction
  • Weight, center of gravity and cost
  • CFD export to standalone Simerics software that is sold separately by Orca3D.

With the standalone Simerics CFD Software, it is easy to do CFD analysys. This software is only directly sold by Orca3D. Click here for more information and pricing.

Met de losse Simerics CFD software, kunnen eenvoudig analyses gedaan worden. Dit wordt los van RhinoCentre rechtstreeks door Orca3D verkocht. Meer informatie en prijzen.

Read everything about Orca3D on the developer website.

Try the full version for 15 days. After 15 days saving Orca3D will stop working, unless you buy a license.

At RhinoCentre we have a lot of experience in using Orca3D and we also offer training.

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