Orca3D Upgrade to Analysis -annual -single user

Orca3D Upgrade to Analysis -annual -single user


per year thereafter €500

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Upgrade your existing Orca3D Level 2 (version 2) to the Orca3D Analysis Module (version 3)

Version 3 for Rhino 7 and Rhino 8

Upgrade to version 3 for Rhino 7 and 8 only works when you also own the Orca3D Version 2

inform yourself about the desired type of license and type of ownership in the Orca3D selection table over here

Available modules are:

Design Module: Analysis Module: Advanced Stability Module:
> Hull Design & Fairing > Speed/Power Prediction > Intact and Damage Stability
> Basic Hydrostatics > CFD Interface with Compartmentation and Tank modeling
> Weight/Cost Tracking and Fluid and Fixed load
and Free Surface Effects

Orca3D is a plugin for naval architects. Purchase Rhinoceros here if necessary.

Go to the product developers website for more info and to download the software.

Platform: Windows Mac
Yes No
License ownership: Perpetual Rental
No Yes
Maintenance costs: No
License type: Single User Floating Network License
Yes No


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