About us

Worldwide, RhinoCentre is thè center of excellence regarding Rhinoceros 3D software and plugins.

Knowledge is constantly developed in projects for our clients and in our own (R&D) projects. As we are passionate about Rhino, we simply love it to find out how Rhino can be used better and faster.

We share our expertise in training, consultancy, projects and other services.

RhinoCentre experts in Rhino, Flamingo, Bongo, Grasshopper, V-Ray, Orca3D, scripting and plugin development.

Several experts are connected to RhinoCentre and collaborate in projects for our clients. As we use the software extensively ourselves, we are one of the best resources worldwide.

Since 2001, we are in close contact with McNeel & Associates, the developers of Rhino. Over the years, RhinoCentre gave a lot of input to Rhino and plugin development.

The photo above shows the electric open motorboat Kenau. From 2001 until 2005, this unique design is developed integrally with Rhinoceros by RhinoCentre founder Gerard Petersen. Click here for more information and photos of the build.

The people behind RhinoCentre
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