Students & Teachers
Verification is mandatory to be able to order educational products in our web shop:

  1. Create your account when you don’t have it yet.
  2. Please send an e-mail to Hans van Hartingsveldt with the products you’d like to order as wel as a readable scan or photo of your student/teacher ID-card (current school year). Also an OCW recognized school can submit a request with an e-mail to Hans van Hartingsveldt
  3. When both the request as well as the ID is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and your account is then verified.
  4. Now you can place your order in our webshop. The verification expires after two weeks.
  • Educational licenses may also be used for commercial purposes like a graduation or a part-time job, but also after finishing the studies. When a new version of Rhino becomes available, a commercial upgrade can be purchased in case you are no longer registered as a student/teacher.
  • Student and teachers, with a Ministry of OCW recognized degree program, at elementary school, high school, higher education, university or recognized college, are eligible to purchase educational licenses.
  • Also OCW recognized schools and universities can purchase educational licenses for its teachers and students.
  • Click here for more and the official information about educational licenses on the Rhino developers website.


  • RhinoCentre offers free software support for installation issues.
  • When a product is not on stock, it will be shipped within 2 business days after payment.
  • Software is sold without annual maintenance fees. The product description mentions: Perpetual=Yes. When an upgrade becomes available, you decide yourself whether you like to purchase or not.
  • Some software is available as rental . Then the product description mentions for example: Rental=1year.


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