Our solutions are a mix of software, training, consult and other support to make you successful in the shortest time. Quite often we collaborate in a first project, in which we investigate how Rhino has to be implemented. After that we transfer the knowledge to our client.

A beautiful example of an integral solution for Den Breejen Shipyard is explained in this blog article.

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Finding a solution is straightforward. First we find out what your desired goal is with Rhino. Then we investigate what software, 2D or 3D data and Rhino knowledge is already available in your organization. After that we develop a path to get you to success with Rhino. On this path we recommend software plus extra services like training, project support etc.

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Dockwise transport of Costa Concordia 3D print

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Rhino is used in all areas of industrial design by leading companies.

The advantage of Rhino compared to engineering software like SolidWorks, is that you can set up a concept design very quickly. Also the freeform capabilities of Rhino are very strong. A new plugin Clayoo offers extra functionality to Rhino for organic modeling. At last is the Grasshopper plugin a perfect tool to parameterize a design in a flexible way.

RhinoCentre is expert in using: Rhino, Flamingo, Bongo, Grasshopper, V-Ray, Orca3D, Scan & Solve, Scripting, Plugin Development.

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(parametric) sketch design, optimization, final design, engineering and building

In architecture, Rhino is used by leading architects worldwide like Zaha Hadid en Foster+Partners. Rhino is often used together with its integrated visual scripting plugin ‘Grasshopper’ for initial design and design optimalisation before the design is transferred to BIM software like Revit for example.

Also contractors use Rhino+Grasshopper more and more. The factory for houses of van Wijnen in Heerenveen uses Rhino+Grasshopper to design and generate all manufacturing information of the houses they fabricate over there.

As Rhino is very affordable, also small offices and suppliers use Rhino a lot.

With Rhino Inside it is now also possible to use Rhino inside Revit with a live connection.

Parametrics with the Grasshopper plugin provides design power for optimizing conceptual designs. At our blog you can find an example which you can download to play with it yourself.

In the Valley project, MVRDV used Rhino+Grasshopper intensively to optimize the design and feed the BIM model. Read more about it here.

RhinoCentre organized several architecture events in the past, to promote interaction between architects.

RhinoCentre is expert in using: Rhino, Grasshopper, V-Ray, Scan & Solve, Scripting, Plugin Development.

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