free Zoo License Manager

free Zoo License Manager


McNeel Licenses and the free Zoo license manager

When someone purchases one license of McNeel software (Rhino/ Flamingo/ Bongo/ Brazil/ Penguin), then only one person is allowed to use it 24 hours per day. It is also allowed that two colleagues use this single license or that this license is used on more computers. For example one computer in the office and a laptop for working at home. However with one license it is never allowed that two people use the license simultaneously. When more people like to use one license, the use of this license can be managed with the free ‘Zoo’ license manager.

Licenses of McNeel software for companies and individuals can be used in four ways.

The Zoo makes it possible to, for example, purchase two Rhino licenses and install it on 10 computers. However in this example only two people are able to use Rhino simultaneously then. When desired, it is very easy to purchase a third license and add the code to the Zoo. From that moment on, three people are able to use Rhino simultaneously.

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Find out which McNeel software is supported by the Zoo.

The licenses of the plugins RhinoGold, RhinoNest en Clayoo can also be managed with the Zoo.

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