Rhino upgrade to 8.0

Rhino upgrade to 8.0


Save 5% on a Rhino 8 upgrade by purchasing an extra Rhino 8.

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  • New in Rhino 8
  • The ‘look and feel’ of Rhino is the same but also refreshed
  • Rhino for Mac is now much faster. Also the user interface is very similar to the Windows version.
  • System requirements voor Windows en Mac
  • All plugins should continue to work. Ask your plugin developer if that is the case
  • Retrieve a Legacy Key when you need to convert your Rhino 8 license for free (temporarily) to Rhino 7/6/5. This is sometimes important for larger organizations
  • When the ZOO license manager is in use, it has easily to be upgraded for free to ZOO 8

Purchase here a Rhino 8 upgrade together with an extra Rhino 8 license and save 5% on the upgrade.

The upgrade to Rhinoceros 8.0 is a big step forward when it comes to modeling technology and versatility in applicability.

Download Rhino 8 upgrade for Mac and Rhino 8 for Windows here.

An upgrade can only be activated when you own a previous version of Rhinoceros Windows (release 7/6/5/4/3/2/1) or Rhinoceros Mac (release 5).

More info:

Platform: Windows Yes
Mac Yes
License ownership: Perpetual Yes
Rental No
Maintenance costs: No
License type: Single User Yes
Floating Network License Yes, with the free Zoo license manager
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