On/offline Rhino Consult – first hour

On/offline Rhino Consult – first hour


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After the first hour of consult please puchase the standard Consult product.

  • How to model your specific geometry?
  • You are stuck in a modeling challenge, like the need for a smooth transition, a trimming problem or else?
  • Is your 3D model watertight for analysis?
  • Can you send your design to a 3D printer?
  • Why is your Rhino file exploding in file size?
  • How to set up your large project?
  • What is the best way to work together on a project?
  • You cannot find your way in your Rhino file anymore?
  • What is a better way to work more structured in Rhino?
  • You are uncertain about the smoothness of the surfaces of your design?
  • ……….

These are just some questions that our clients asked us over the years.

What is your question?

Our specialists have combined software knowledge and competences in various industries:

Software: Industries: Competence:
Rhinoceros maritime / marine modeling
Grasshopper industrial design large project management
Scripting / plugin development architecture manufacturing: Nesting, 2D, CNC
V-Ray rendering archaeology 3D printing
Flamingo rendering footwear rendering / animation
Bongo animations mechanical programming
Orca3D naval architecture Unity / Unreal game
Scan & Solve FEA/FEM implementation
RhinoNest  reverse engineering

Send your question(s) directly to Gerard Petersen. Attach as much information as you like to share with me like: a Rhino file (or a part of it), screenshots, a describing text, etc. This way you enable me to understand your question the best I can.

First I will take a look at your information and select which specialist will pick up your request. The we’ll prepare an answer or a starting point for the online session. Maybe we ask for more information in advance, to understand you even better.

We calculate 30 minutes for preparation and 30 minutes for the session. When the time to prepare is shorter, the session will accordingly be longer.

The online session takes place via free Zoom or free Skype. This way we have also the ability to share screens and you can see our Rhino screen when we explain our answer. Or you can show your screen to explain your problem or try out our answer while we support you.

Send your files for free via WeTransfer. Tips for a large Rhino file: SaveSmall (without render meshes) and ZIP.


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