Rhino Training L2+ (in-company)

Rhino Training L2+ (in-company)


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Rhino Training Level 2+

Advanced Curve Modeling – Advanced Surface Modeling – Understanding continuity of curves and surfaces – Understanding Rhino characteristics – Customizing the user interface – Generating clever 2D drawings – Model Management – Modeling Strategies

After Level 1 training, Rhino users become experienced with Rhino. After some time it is important to follow up with Rhino Level 2 training. The reason for this is that Rhino Level 2 training makes Rhino users much more professional in their use of Rhino. As Rhino is very tolerant and flexible the user defines the quality of the 3D models and level of model management. Dedicated training stimulates Rhino users to reach a higher level in both accuracy and exchangeability of Rhino files.

Rhino Level 2 training focuses on working with Rhino in a professional way. Besides advanced modeling that makes a trainee more efficient, accurate and versatile, the focus also lies on model management and understanding Rhino characteristics better. This is essential to understand how Rhino behaves in certain situations and create Rhino models that are consistent in their quality and layout.

Another useful part of the training is making clever 2D drawings that update when the 3D model updates. This is most appreciated as more and more 3D models are the basis for presentations and meetings.

At last there’s a lot of interaction between trainees and the trainer. In advance, trainees can submit questions and Rhino files of their work. Questions are answered during the training. Also the Rhino files are analyzed in advance by the trainer and reviewed during the training. From these files some exercises are created that teach the trainees alternative strategies and modeling techniques. This is always very much appreciated.

Goals of the training:

Become more efficient, accurate and versatile with Rhino:

  • Advanced Curve modeling
  • Advanced Surface modeling
  • Understanding continuity of curves and surfaces
  • Understanding Rhino characteristics
  • Customizing the user interface
  • Generating clever 2D drawings
  • Modeling Strategies


  • The price of €8910 for this unique In-Company training is based on a three days course for six trainees. This makes €8910/ 6 trainees= €1485 per trainee. For this price, up to 8 trainees are welcome.
  • This is a three day training on your site.
  • Costs for traveling are not included and charged separately when the traveling distance is more than 300 kilometer from our office in Leeuwarden NL. Please ask for a quotation when your office is further away.
  • Rhino Level 2 training is applicable for all Rhino users who have completed Rhino Level 1 training
  • Training book is included
  • Trainees receive a certificate of completion
  • RhinoCentre is an authorized training center by McNeel, the developers of Rhino
  • The invoice has to be paid in advance of a training
  • When the trainer travels by car, it is possible to bring eight training laptops for free.
  • Please contact us to discuss the training date
  • After the training we ask the trainees to fill in an evaluation form. This will evaluate the trainer and the training
  • Download the RhinoCentre training terms

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