Rhino Training L1+ (in-company)

Rhino Training L1+ (in-company)


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Rhino Training Level 1+

Kick start your productivity with Rhino

From: Working with Rhino

To: Knowing how Rhino works

After this course you are able to model 3D geometry in Rhino in an accurate way. Also editing geometry is a part of the course. The course focuses both on creating high quality curves as well as surfaces. Quite often curves are used as input for generating surfaces. Another aspect of the training is to learn more about the user interface and where to find commands.

Most important is to learn to analyze the quality of your work. You are as good with Rhino as you can analyze the quality of your work. The course follows the McNeel Rhino Level 1 Training Guide. However, we have added several extra RhinoCentre topics that makes you understand Rhino better. Especially the extra topics are most important to master Rhino. Therefore this course is interesting for both beginners as well as self-taught Rhino users. As the course is generic, it is interesting for anybody from any industry who wants to work with Rhino.

Also we teach you more about understanding how Rhino works when it comes to:

  • Model management
  • Accuracy
  • Creating smooth curves and surface
  • Creating correct transitions from one curve to another curve, or one surface to another surface

This extra understanding is very valuable as it makes you a professional user of Rhino.


  • The price of €4455 for this unique In-Company training is based on a three days course for six trainees. This makes €4455/ 6 trainees= €743 per trainee. For this price, up to 8 trainees are welcome.
  • This is a three day training on your site.
  • Costs for traveling are not included and charged separately when the traveling distance is more than 300 kilometer from our office in Groningen NL. Please ask for a quotation when your office is further away.
  • Training is applicable for:
    • new users of Rhino who want to learn a solid basis
    • autodidact users of Rhino, who like to understand Rhino better
  • Prerequisites are a little experience with computers. Rhino is easier to learn for users of AutoCAD.
  • Training book is included.
  • Trainees receive a certificate of completion
  • The trainees have to use their own computers.
  • It is important that there is a big screen or a beamer available for the trainer.
  • RhinoCentre is an authorized training center by McNeel, the developers of Rhino
  • The invoice has to be paid in advance of a training
  • Please contact us to discuss the training date
  • After the training we ask the trainees to fill in an evaluation form. This will evaluate the trainer and the training
  • Download the RhinoCentre training terms

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Download RhinoCentre Training Terms

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