Bespoke Rhino Consultancy

Bespoke Rhino Consultancy


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  • How to model your specific geometry?
  • You are stuck in a modeling challenge, like the need for a smooth transition, a trimming problem or else?
  • Is your 3D model watertight for analysis?
  • Can you send your design to a 3D printer?
  • Why is your Rhino file exploding in file size?
  • How to set up your large project?
  • What is the best way to work together on a project?
  • You cannot find your way in your Rhino file anymore?
  • What is a better way to work more structured in Rhino?
  • You are uncertain about the smoothness of the surfaces of your design?
  • ……….

These are just some questions that our clients asked us over the years.

What is your question?

Our specialists have combined software knowledge and competences in various industries:

Software: Industries: Competence:
Rhinoceros maritime / marine modeling
Grasshopper industrial design large project management
Scripting / plugin development architecture manufacturing: Nesting, 2D, CNC
V-Ray rendering archaeology 3D printing
Flamingo rendering footwear rendering / animation
Bongo animations mechanical programming
Orca3D naval architecture Unity / Unreal game
Scan & Solve FEA/FEM implementation


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