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Kitchen - Visualization by StudioGijsKharma speakers - Visualization by StudioGijsKharma speakers - Visualization by StudioGijsKitchen - Visualization by StudioGijsPhilips pain relief patch - Visualization by StudioGijsKharma speakers - Visualization by StudioGijsKitchen - Visualization by StudioGijsChinese pottery - Visualization by StudioGijs

Rendering with the V-Ray plugin makes it possible to create high quality realistic images with Rhino.

А Workstation license includes 1 Graphic User Interface (GUI) and 1 V-Ray Render Node.


The V-Ray plugin and/or extra Render Nodes are available as:

  • Monthly rental
  • Annual rental
  • 3 Year rental


Native Rhino 7 offers a render engine which is attractive to discover first as the principles of visualizations are the same for any renderer: 3D model detail, lighting, materials. When you then find out that you like to work at creating visualizations and are confronted with the limitations of the “Rhino render”, it becomes time to go for a specific render plugin. Making attractive and (semi) realistic visualizations is mostly a matter of spending many hours in learning what light does with reflection, refraction, shadows etc. But also how to define materials well and how to set up proper lighting. In order to generate realistic images, you also have to model realistically. This means modeling many details, fillets etc.

Render Speed

Another aspect of rendering realistic visualizations is increased render time. Time to render depends on the complexity of the lighting and the size of the scene (amount of objects). But also depends on the desired resolution of the image. V-Ray offers three options to increase render speed:

  • Extra Render Nodes to use processors of other computers in a local network and create a “Render Farm”. RhinoCentre sells these extra Render Nodes.
  • Render in the Chaos Cloud.
  • Make use of an external Render Farm which is authorized by the Chaos Group.

Free demo and more info

Never worked with V-Ray? Please test it out for free first.

More info about V-Ray.

Gijs de Zwart of StudioGijs is RhinoCentre’s V-Ray specialist for more than 10 year now. Gijs offers support, training and visualization services. See more of his work over here.

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