Scan&Solve PRO Single User Perpetual Upgrade (Win)

Scan&Solve PRO Single User Perpetual Upgrade (Win)


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  • This UPGRADE is available to existing customers with a valid Commercial Scan&Solve 2014 or Commercial Scan&Solve v1.x license.
  • After purchasing your upgrade to Scan&Solve™ Pro, please email your current Scan&Solve activation key to
  • You will receive your Scan&Solve Pro activation key and installation instructions by email upon receipt of your old activation key.

Scan&Solve is a ‘strength analysis’ plugin for FEA/FEM in Rhinoceros.

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Platform: Windows Yes
Mac No
License ownership: Perpetual Yes
Rental No
Maintenance costs: No
License type: Single User Yes
Floating Network License Available as a different product.
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